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Through Life's Storms

Resilience Through Tough Times

"Through Life's Storms" is an event inspired by my lowest point in life. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Performance, I found myself in an Intensive Care Unit following a serious car accident.

In an instant, I lost everything important to me, and it was here that I had to choose whether this moment would swallow me, or if I would rise above it.  Here, in the depths, I found my most valuable tools in life: Hope, Faith, Action, and Community.

We have all been through difficult times, and "Through Life's Storms" offers a chance for us to reconnect what is important. Participants experience through short stories and music inspired by these events, what it took for me to get back to living a meaningful and fulfilled life.

- Justin Brown -

Through Life's Storms: About

The Storms of Life Event

Strengthens Community

"Through Life's Storms" speaks to all of us for all that we have gone through in recent times. It calls communities to support one another and gives local people a voice.

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Inspires Hope

Let's face it, it is difficult seeing a brighter future right now. The message behind the story permeates how pivotal having hope and working together brings us to better days ahead.

Memorable Experience

From a sharing a personal story of resilience, performing music directly inspired by the events, to sharing a meal and hearing other peoples story, this event will be memorable for everyone who attends for years to come.

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Through Life's Storms: Services

Most inspirational concert I've seen in the last few years!

Jordan Nelson

Justin's music and message about resilience captivated us the entire evening.

Michael Moore

I've never heard the trombone played like that before.

Charlie Davis

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