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Resilience Studies

A Musical Journey

Learn to scale life's mountains through music in a unique way!  Over four months, you will pick a piece of music, learn it, and even perform it all while learning how to overcome many of life's difficulties.

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A Unique Approach to Learning Music

     Have music lessons become a grind, or have you never been able to commit years to learning an instrument?  Take a look at Resiliency Studies!

     Resiliency Studies is beyond taking music lessons.  It is an experience filled with lessons of not only in how to learn music, but also in how to tackle goals that can be applied in every facet of life.

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Resilience Studies
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In Four Months

Students will learn...

Music they want to learn.

How to stick with difficult objectives.

Doing something challenging can be fun!

Celebrating achievements makes the experience more enjoyable, and helps us see it through.

Communities can strengthen, encourage, and embolden us to keep going.

Learn how to evaluate and adjust your path to achieve the goal throughout the course.

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Justin Brown

A Story of Resilience

As a musician who has been through many difficulties, Justin Brown uses experiences ranging from preparing for recitals and auditions, performing in high intensity situations like concertos and touring with the King's Brass, evaluating and adjusting after being cut within a minute for an audition, as well as using resilience to recover from injuries after a serious car accident.

     Justin focuses on helping others navigate challenging goals and successfully obtain them.  He also draws on over 15 years of experience as an educator.  From maintaining a private studio, to teaching Beginner through High School Level Band, Assistant Choir Director in Middle and High Schools, as well as Guest Teacher at the University of Illinois Trombone Camp.

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With Resilience Studies

Students will be equipped with...

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Recording Equipment

Shipped to You

A fantastic way to "see" improvement

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Attainable Goals

Help Picking Appropriate Repertoire for the Course

Obtain goals in timely manner

Builds Character, Discipline, Confidence

Enjoy the process more

Piano Keyboard

Hour Lessons

Time for Growth

Hour lessons create space for...

Creativity, Questions, Exploring Ideas, and time to know each other

Practicing Piano Notes

Customized Packets

Know what and how to practice

Each piece of music has its own challenges and techniques needed to master

Breaks down each solo into "bite-sized" exercises to make difficult passages more manageable

Think of it like coaching baseball - Struggle at batting? 

I break down how to swing the bat correctly, keep your eyes on the ball,

and even read which pitch the pitcher is throwing.

Headphones and sheet music

Practice Videos

Speed Up Retention

Being able to "HEAR and SEE" can aide Practice, and Retention

Accessible and practical

Online Class

Private Facebook Group

Inspire and Support each other

Establishes community of others embarking on a similar journey​

Share our celebrations

Watch each other grow

Encourage each other

Attend events like Master Classes, get practice tips, and watch performances together

Access information during the course

Online Class

Master Classes

Learning Together

Each Month online, I perform music that and discuss what its meaning

Hearing stories behind the music can be very enriching

Students can perform and get critiqued 

Gives deeper sense of community and ownership to what they are learning

Piano Show

Possible Guest Artists and Teachers

Outside Perspective

I may bring in a Guest Artist or Teacher to speak about a topic, perform, teach, or combination of all

Outside perspectives often break down barriers we encounter​​

Winter Sports

Life Outside of Music Lessons

Time to learn about others

Although music is the result, We are Learning far more than just Notes and Rhythms

There will be an emphasis on Creating an Environment where they Feel Comfortable and can talk about what they are going through Outside of Lessons.

Piano Set

Live performances

Share Your Gift

Music is a Performing Art and is Meant to be Shared.

Students will be challenged to Share their Work with their Community - Church, Schools, Retirement Homes, etc

We will also host a recital as well

If In-Person concerts are not available, we will offer an online option anyone can attend

Gift Card

A $50 Gift Card

Rewarding hard work

This is a time to celebrate for their hard work

$50 gift card to anywhere of their choosing

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The Problem With Regular Lessons

Studios/Private studies come with "regular" lessons

Little motivation to achieve anything in lessons​

Lessons can feel endless/pointless

What happens after a recital?

​A short "well done", turn the page​

Students rarely "see" progress

Lessons get cut short to maintain the day's schedule

Studio students may have three teachers in one years time

Missed lessons at often go without make-ups

Resilience Studies: Text

Why Resilience Studies over Regular Lessons

With Resilience Studies

Take the time to know Each Student

What they like and do each week

Celebrate the highs, there for the lows

Teacher and Student

Encourage Discipline

It's not enough to "accidentally" get it right​

Know what you're doing so you can replicate it

Ensure they know their note names, rhythms

Work Through a challenge, not around

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Teach Goal Setting

Pick a piece at the beginning

Set a time frame to achieve the goal

Monthly check-ins on how progress is being made

Review and Evaluate ​

  1. What went well?​

  2. What did not?

  3. What can I do differently?

Continue trying new things to break through our walls

Making goals for each day/week/month to achieve it.

We Won't Give Up 

Doing Homework

Time to relax/explore something else at the end

At the end, there is a pause in lessons

Time to celebrate what they've accomplished

Resume lessons elsewhere, or study privately with me​

Not all students want/need/are driven by a non-stop intense study.

Time for inaction can

  • Spawn a deeper desire to create

  • Inspire ambitions to accomplish more than previously

  • Desire to sit down and play without being asked!

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Flexible Scheduling

I work with your needs and schedule lessons at ideal times

Flexible scheduling assists rescheduling

Resilience Studies: Projects
Mountain Lake

Emphasis on Resilience

Resilience makes all the difference in success in life

Getting what you want comes with many challenges

Learning how to work through challenges leads to more success in life

Resilience applies to anything from school work, marathon training, career advancement, and even relationships

Working through difficulties helps us learn about ourselves

Accountability for our actions and results takes hold of the dreams we desire

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Price List

Beyond Lessons

$333 Monthly


4 lessons per month, guided expertise, and much more!

Best for experienced musicians.

$400 Monthly


Offer includes practice packets, 4 lessons per month, merchandise, and much more!

Customized and immersive.

$500 Monthly


Includes recording equipment, practice packets, 4 lessons per month, $50 gift certificate, and much more!

A journey and community customized to help you succeed.

Resilience Studies: Price List